how did you do the polaroid thing? you're good at editing! :-)

I edited it on Photoshop! (: sorry for the late reply i was busy recently, and thank you!! (:

"The last song on Planet X is the first single" 
So, Greyson is going to release a single which is the last track on Planet X, track number 13 and track number 13 is titled “Journey to Planet X”
Thanks for the reply dude! greysonchance

every night i close my eyes and waitto fall asleep and meet you in my dreams-g.c
i dont know what should i put here lol
#PlanetXArtExchange (dracula & frankenstein)


every night i close my eyes and wait

to fall asleep and meet you in my dreams

you’ll always be my dracula and im frankenstein

forever it’ll be you and i my friend 


#ThrowbackThursday - Greyson Chance with friends in Bali last year…

"Baby, damn" - Victim. #PlanetXArtExchange 

"It’s hard not to write good music here.. When you’re sorrounded by beautiful things and when you’re sorrounded by amazing talanted people.." - Greyson Chance in Bali.
"I wrote this song all the way in Indonesia so it’s come a long way… This one’s called Temptation." - Greyson Chance
Am I the only one who thinks Greyson does everything for his fans in this video? (Video: Pumped Up Kicks LIVE Performance in Jakarta)

NEW PHOTO - New Greyson Chance & Whiskey selfie!!! - #BestFriends